Alpha Body Mind Hypnosis

Take Control! Remember it is you who makes the ultimate choice! Do you want to be free from
cigarettes? If the answer is yes, but you're not quite sure how? Help is at hand!
  • With the Alpha Body Mind stop smoking
    programme, 'quitting the habit' is an easy
    enjoyable and empowering process.

  • A package of three sessions, about a week
    apart. The first (2 hours) to begin the process.
    The second goes a little deeper and by the
    the third you are more than ready to walk
    away free.

  • Most stop smoking programmes involve
    literally 'frightening' you off the cigarette.
    Whereas here i work with a greater emphasis
    on  'resolving the negative beliefs' that cause
    you to believe you need such a crutch in the
    first place, this way the 'habit' is not replaced
    with some equally destructive behaviour
    once dropped.

  • Once the client is clearer and less attached to
    their smoking addiction we can then work
    towards bringing awareness toward the
    cigarette itself and focus on the realisation
    that smoking in itself is actually not that
    enjoyable! At which point the thought of
    stopping becomes liberating and exciting!
    And with it comes an increadible sense of

The stop smoking programme is £150
Stop Smoking Programme...
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