Alpha Body Mind Hypnosis

Using C.B.T strategies to identify your false thought patterns and
behaviours about the object or situation of fear. Then using
hypnotherapy to change this thinking, confronting slowly and gently
the phobia with a new outlook. Installing healthier ways of reacting
thinking and feeling to such a point where your perspective about
the phobia changes on a deep and lasting level.

Overcome trauma or shock of a past event that is still haunting you.
Depending on the situation in hand and the level of trauma in the
individual, I can use a variety of different methods to help you
resolve and move forwards from P.T.S.D.

Using C.B.T strategies to identify the negative core thought patterns
that cause you to lack belief in yourself and see yourself in a
negative light. Then using hypnotherapy to turn that around allowing
you to shine bright and strong installing a healthy and positive
outlook on yourself and the way you behave around others.

Using rehearsal under the influence of hypnosis of yourself handling
an audience in a way you’d never thought possible. Boosting belief
in yourself and minimising fear of the situation. Allowing you to feel
in control, confident and even excited at the prospect.

Rehearsal of an important event to come under hypnosis, with you
achieving your best every time. Find how you have to think and feel
to get to that point and stay focused even when under intense
pressure. Feel prepared and ready knowing how to tap into your
vast potential within at an instants notice.

Become the master of your own stress levels. Identifying the roots
of your anxiety and the triggers. Using hypnosis to calm and
reassure you on a deep and unconscious level, both emotionally,
physically and mentally. Learn how to tap into this deep state of
relaxation whenever you need it. Take control of life and the way its
up and downs affect you.

Have the body you’ve always wanted. Looking after yourself is easy
once you realise who is in control. Strengthen belief in yourself just
as you are. Using C.B.T strategies to identify key situations where
you let yourself down, find out why? And use hypnotherapy to turn
that around leaving you able to listen to the needs of your body and
respect those needs with ease and joy.

Whatever your issue with sleep. Hypnotherapy can be of a great
help. Creating calm, peace and 'resetting the body clock' at levels
you may not even be aware of.  Using C.B.T strategies to find out why
you're having the issues with falling asleep that you do, and then
hypnotherapy to change that, so that you can get the sleep you need
when you need it most.

Take control of your life, under hypnosis experience yourself feeling
and accepting the strength you have within you. Find the courage to
be the person you know you have within. Find out using C.B.T
strategies any thoughts and feelings that may be standing in the way
of that, then use hypnotherapy to eliminate those destructive ways,
allowing you to stand tall and fearless.
Giving you new energy to pursue whatever you may desire.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D)
Public Speaking and Use of voice
Peak Performance
Anxiety and Stress Management
Weight Issues
Sleep Problems
All hypnotherapy sessions cost £55

Most issues are resolved within three to six sessions, and some with just the one!
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