Alpha Body Mind Hypnosis
Confidence Issues...
Shyness and Insecurities

  • Using C.B.T strategies to identify the negative core
    thought patterns that cause you to lack belief in
    yourself and see yourself in a negative light. Then
    using hypnotherapy to turn that around allowing you
    to shine bright and strong installing a healthy and
    positive outlook of yourself and the way you behave
    around others.

Fear of public speaking

  • Using rehearsal under the influence of hypnosis of
    yourself handling an audience in a way you’d never
    thought possible. Boosting belief in yourself and
    minimising fear of the situation. Allowing you to feel
    in control, confident and even excited at the

Fear of pursuing your desires

  • Take control of your life, under hypnosis experience
    yourself feeling and accepting the strength you have
    within you. Find the courage to be the person you
    know you have within. Find out using C.B.T
    strategies any thoughts and feelings that may be
    standing in the way of that, then use hypnotherapy to
    eliminate those destructive ways, allowing you to
    stand tall and fearless giving you new energy to
    pursue whatever you may desire.
Be it confidence issues at work, general feelings of
insecurity, or desire for more confidence about an
up and coming performance or event?
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and easy way to boost
belief in yourself, and prepare your full potential for
that situation where you need to shine.
Start living the life you were born to live. Take control and let nothing and no-body stand in your
path. Stand tall and proud and pursue that which your heart desires with a new sense of
playfulness and wonder.
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