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Anxiety, Stress & Post Traumatic Shock Disorder...
  • Become the master of your own stress levels. Identifying the roots
    of your anxiety and the triggers. Using hypnosis to calm and
    reassure you on a deep and unconscious level, both emotionally,
    physically and mentally. Learn how to tap into this deep state of
    relaxation whenever you need it. Take control of life and the way
    its up and downs affect you.

  • Comfort the part of you that feels frightened and anxious on a
    deep and lasting level, so that you will feel safe secure and
    relaxed whatever life may throw at you.

  • Overcome trauma or shock of a past event that is still haunting
    you. Depending on the situation in hand and the level of trauma in
    the individual, there are a variety of different methods to help you
    resolve and move forwards from P.T.S.D.
Anxiety, stress and shock can affect us in many
different ways. Resulting often in exhaustion, poor
physical health, hyper-sensitivity, panic attacks and
highly emotional behaviour. Our sleep can be
affected & life can begin to feel like one big
nightmare from beginning to end. Anxiety and
Stress can be triggered from a specific event in
time i.e P.T.S.D, where the person has never fully
recovered from the shock of an event and it
continues to haunt. Alternatively It could be an
ongoing problem where the beginning cannot fully
be pin-pointed. It could even be due to a change in
lifestyle, i.e the  birth of a child and the new
demands may be taking there toll. Whatever the
cause stimulus. Hypnotherapy can work wonders
with issues such as these. Integrating calm and
serenity  into your life, helping you to feel healthy
and whole once again.
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