woman under Hynosis
  • Here at Alpha Body Mind I am dedicated to
    giving you the most up to date, evidence
    based and solution focused form of

  • Combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    and Hypnotherapy as one has proved twice
    as successful in clinical trials as each used

  • Using C.B.T to find the negative beliefs at the
    heart of a problem or concerning issue, it is
    possible to then use Hypnosis to install new
    and appropriate positive beliefs at a mental,
    emotional and physical level.

  • Because of the power of Hypnosis these new
    beliefs can be installed deeply... (to a point
    where they become your new and functioning
    reality) This can be called installation at an
    'unconscious' or 'subconscious' or simply
    'behavioural and emotional' level.

  • Hypnosis is as safe as reading a good book
    and becoming so absorbed in it you may not
    hear someone in the room ask you a
    question. In fact its remarkably similar.
  • You are in control at all times. Able to stop the process at any moment. And, because of
    the inclusion of C.B.T as part of the process, Everything you hear during the session will
    be positive and life enhancing. In fact you will in all likelihood emerge from each and every
    session feeling wonderfully relaxed and happy.
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